- onPostGet() is triggeredon Get-request after read from ActiveDirectory. At this step, the Request object should have value for extensionAttribute1 if the attribute actually have a value in AD, and if this attribute was requested during this Get-request
Let's see how to perform this task. In the example below, I will add a value to the "extensionAttribute15" attribute
extensionAttribute1 extensionAttribute2 Department. Is it possible to pull this information using “objectGUID” ? I have over 2000 AD users/objects that I need to pull this info so we can import it into GCDS (Google Cloud). Any help would be much appreciated!
LDAP Name: extensionAttribute1 extensionAttribute2 extensionAttribute3 extensionAttribute4 extensionAttribute5 extensionAttribute6 extensionAttribute7 extensionAttribute8 extensionAttribute9 extensionAttribute10 extensionAttribute11 extensionAttribute12 extensionAttribute13 extensionAttribute14 extensionAttribute15